Rep Level Training Class


About the Class

The Rep level training class is designed and led by former national, international and professional player turned highly certified coach, Eddy Berdusco. This program is open to players currently enrolled in a rep soccer program. Our goal is to provide your child with exceptional supplementary training to take his or her game to the next level. 


Foot Skills

Our goal is for players to improve their all around ball familiarity and skill, by getting lots of touches on the ball.  Players will learn:  

  • fakes & feints  
  • ball control  
  • using different parts of their foot (inside, outside, sole of the foot)  
  • performing movement at speed  



Our goal is to help futsal & soccer players improve  their ability to strike a ball, using different parts of their foot.  This rep level training in Oakville is sure to up your child's game!  Players will learn:  

  • instep finishing  
  • shooting with laces  
  • bending the ball  
  • volleys, side volleys  
  • 1 vs 1 with goalkeeper


*HST not included


Here is a snapshot of what to expect during our classes.

Bring your game to the next level by working on your shot! Learn from a pro how to break down the build up and execution of the art of striking the ball. Eddy will go through a series of exercises to help each player focus on stance, touch and follow through.