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Often kids take part in team-based sports such as soccer,  hockey and baseball (to name a few) which is great for developing  specific maneuvering and handling skills and learning to work as a team, but it can be challenging to find enough time to incorporate specific  strength, foundational fitness techniques and flexibility training  within these practice times.

This 1 hour class is designed to:

  • Teach how to properly warm up and cool down
  • Work on developing functional strength specific to the powerful demands of their elected sport as well as growth through life
  • Improve stamina (cardiovascular and muscular)
  • Enhance speed and agility
  • Keep the body balanced to improve performance while minimizing chance for injury
  • Teach “what to do” and “what to avoid”
  • Enhance kids understanding of WHY we are doing or training something
  • Instill proper stretching techniques to improve and maintain range of motion

While each class will have a slightly different focus, your child  will partake in proper warm-ups before each workout to maximize  effectiveness and prevent injury, core strength development, endurance  & agility work, power & reaction training and cool downs  focusing on stretching and promoting flexibility. 

Who's it for?

This is a physical fitness and conditioning class designed for kids  age 10-13 who actively play in top level recreational or competitive  sport.  

Body Overhaul


Exactly this! Take your body to a whole new level. Test yourself, push yourself, believe in yourself! Full Description

Strong® By Zumba


This ain't no dance party! While music is incorporated, this is a full on HIIT workout unlike any other! Full Description

Body Basics


Whether you need a refresher or you are working out for the 1st time, prepare yourself mentally & physically. Full Description

30 & 30 HIIT & Stretch


 We asked, you answered and so we’re giving you the best of both worlds.  HIIT style training and Stretching all in 1 class. Full Description

Mums & Bubs


Having a baby is exhausting & hard work. Take care of your body & mind with your baby in tow! Full Description 

Athletic Yoga


Forget what you thought of yoga. Seriously. Grab your mat & be prepared to work those muscles! Full Description

Bodies & Beer™

Check out Body By You's amazing event,  Bodies & Beer™ taking place on Saturday, March 30 @ Cameron's Brewing!

For ticket information please click here.

About Body By You


We’ve been working our bodies all over the world for well over 10 years and have helped hundreds of very happy,  confident clients do the same. Body By You is a versatile and  professional fitness training company that helps people build, re-build,  shape and transform their bodies in a variety of ways to fuel their  life’s requirements.

BBY is headed up by Tamara Vahn, a 2x  Canadian National Fitness Champion, former Miss Fitness Canada and  current International Fitness Pro. Why? Because we were meant to move  and sometimes people forget how or don’t know how to move better. Our  foundation? Keepin’ it real. You don’t live in a bubble, and your  fitness should not be delivered that way. Our mission is to provide a  fitness and nutrition platform that will inspire, guide and challenge  women and men in a way that can be enjoyable, adaptable and sustainable.  Don’t get old. Move better. Get better!!!

We want our community to be stimulated  and successful in all elements of their fitness. We are physically located in Oakville, Ontario and we operate virtually to deliver much of  our service line globally. We offer lifestyle fitness classes, Prenatal  Fitness, ‘Mums & Bubs’ Postnatal fitness, in-person training, online  training and meal plans, and contest preparation services like posing,  coaching and choreography. We also provide you with access to high  quality fitness aids, sporting goods and institutional gear for your  home, yard, holiday workout and more. Check out our services including fitness classes in Oakville and let’s see how we can help you in the next phase of your fitness journey.

See what Body By You is all about!

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$170+HST/ 10 Classes

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Body Overhaul - 60 minutes

Has your body been through the ringer? Need an overhaul? Let’s get  down and dirty and shake things up. Beginner or Pro, 18 or 80…it doesn’t  matter. Led by personal trainer and international fitness pro Tamara  Vahn, this class will kick your body into gear. Did we mention she’s a  mom of 2? Learn functional strength moves and build some cardio across  many styles of athletic training. You will burn calories, torch fat and  sweat, guaranteed! Pricing & Schedule

SBZ: Strong By Zumba® - 60 minutes

Let’s HIIT it! This ain’t no dance class! It’s a new body weight, muscle  conditioning, cardio and plyometric training class set to amazing  music. In a one-hour class you will burn calories while toning arms,  legs, abs and glutes. Plyometric or explosive moves like high knees,  burpees, and jumping jacks are interchanged with isometric moves like  lunges, squats, and kickboxing. This will push your limit and we’ll have  fun doing it. Modifications will be provided. Please note this class is  not suitable for participants new to exercise. Pricing & Schedule

Mums & Bubs: Postnatal Fitness - 60 minutes

A perfect way to get back into fitness and feeling energized, all  while your little new bundle of joy sits back and takes in the  entertainment. Attention is given to specific stages and abilities of  each mama in postpartum. Baby carriers and capsule car seats are all  welcome. Feeding is allowed. Mommies must be at least 6 weeks postpartum  and have doctors clearance to exercise. Suitable typically for babies 6  weeks to toddler. And we understand that at times some siblings are not  in daycare at this time and mamas are at home with 2 kids. Please feel  free to bring both kids.

Our space is fabulous for this age group. The walls are padded and  electrical outlets are out of reach. We welcome you to contact us should  you have any questions at all.

Please note, Strollers are not permitted on the gym floor. Pricing & Schedule

30 & 30 HIIT & Stretch- 60 minutes

We asked, you answered and so we’re giving you the best of both worlds.  HIIT style training and Stretching all in 1 class. For 30 minutes you  will learn proper form and technique while challenging your muscles in  an interval style workout using body weight and a variety of equipment  that will get those muscles firing and your heart rate pumping. Then,  you will engage in a focused full body stretch to lengthen your muscles  for the last 30 minutes. This class will have you building confidence,  strength, endurance and flexibility. Get ready to burn calories, torch  fat and sweat, guaranteed! Pricing & Schedule

Body Basics - 30 minutes

This is a very special class and spaces are limited to ensure strict  focus and attention is given to each participant. This is a low impact,  back to basics class focusing on proper form, posture, mobility and  range of motion.

This class is fabulous for people new to exercises, those who haven’t  exercised in many years, those who don’t know where to start, and those  coming off of an injury or rehab from a medical condition.

We break down base moves such as scapular retraction, squat, hinges,  and overhead raises to ensure confidence, proper technique and mobility  is achieved before heading into more challenging classes or movements.  Each class will build on the previous. Pricing & Schedule

Athletic Yoga - 60 minutes

A unique Vinyasa yoga flow rooted in the athletic perspective. Focus is  given to strengthening and lengthening your entire body. This is a  challenging class both for beginners and experienced movers. Adaptations  will be provided when needed in order to suit YOUR body as you become  more connected and spatially aware. Pricing & Schedule